internet application

An Intranet application basic purpose is to enable the sharing of information, documents, images collaborate, with in an organisation. An intranet application runs on the local servers of a company to ensure a private and secure communication among the employees of a company.An intranet is an internal private computer network or connection of one or more computer networks, whose use and access is restricted to an organization and its employees. Transfer of data over this kind of a network is controlled using the internet protocols like hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP) and file transfer protocol (FTP).These kinds of networks are used for ease of information sharing and communication in companies. In industries based on the Information technology sector, having intranets is absolutely necessary as their work involves a lot of data sharing. An intranet is controlled by a single server, generally which can adequately handle all tasks. Corporate intranets have restricted access controlled by user ids and passwords, which are not accessible to anybody on the outside.Intranet applications are deployed and run on the local LAN server in a company or premises. Since it is running on a server that is not exposed to the web, so only people can access the application while inside the company and on the local network.If you want to access intranet application outside, you need to build some kind of extranet access from outside to your server. This will include most of the settings on the windows server level.