e-commercial portal

An e-commerce portal is an electronic or web media where the buyer and seller meet to buy or sell the products. It is the buying, selling, marketing, servicing, delivery, and payment of goods and services over computer networks such as the Internet. The seller would showcase his products on the online store where the product details, description, usage, are all mentioned in the classification manner.A number of e-commerce portals are running today that has transformed the way of business runs, people who are busy with their office schedules or cannot go out for frequent shopping can now shop online sitting on their desk only. An e-commerce portal eliminates the cost of middleman and agent and the companies provide discount directly to the consumer.E-commerce portal can be of benefit for both who has small quantity of products to sell and one who has products in bulk. Just like any other store e-commerce portal are also multi product online store as well the specialised stores.Business activities in an e-commerce portal runs in three ways:- B2B – Business to Business,B2C – Business to Customer,C2C – Customer to Customer.At Zenith Webtech we provide e-commerce portal development services that are customized or tailor made as per clients need and requirement. Some of the customized e-commerce portal development services include shopping cart, Supplier management, Payment Gateway Integration, Inventory control, promotions, discount calculation and many more to make your online store more flexible.Any transaction on internet that involves money instruments need to be secured. At zenith webtech we develop e-commerce portal ensuring higher degree of security. We promise a user friendly interface for the visitor and buyer to ensure them a great user experience.