Complaint Management System

This Software is to register the complaints of the consumer and to process them by following some steps. Here whenever a consumer has got any complaint related to the product of an organization then they can make online complaints. Their complaints are being taken care by the Agents of an organization. The registered complaints of the consumer, gets forwarded to the Line-Staff, then after the correction of the fault, the line-man again makes a call back to the agent and they make it confirm to the consumer.

The complaints gets registered by the agent and escalated to the line staff by the supervisor.

Features of Complaint Management System:-

  • Complaints automatically forwarded to upper management of organization within the specific time.
  • Agent can search the consumer from different – different criteria like:-
    • Phone number of Consumer
    • Code Binder Number
    • Name of the Consumer
    • Address of Consumer
  • This Software also calculates the number of rings in which agent pickup the phone so the center head easily monitor the performance of each agent individually.
  • This CMS Software can search the consumer on the behalf of previous complaint by the caller id.
  • Complains are tracked and escalated followed up in the hierarchy of organization officers. The Canter Head also monitor the satisfaction percentage by the following points:-
  • How many complaints escalate within 5 minute?
  • How many complaints are pending for escalation?
  • What is the process time of Complaints?
  • Daily Report of Logging Agent time.
  • Phone pickup time of every call.

Working of Complaint Management System

This is the Login Screen to get started with this Software. Only Authenticated person can login. This account is created by the Administrator only. This is provided to the Agent to keep records of is attendance as well as activities.

This is the first screen. Here one is provided with some menu-options, these consist of File, View and Report.


The sub-menu comes under this menu are as follows:-

  • Field Staff – This is used for entering the details of a new line staff.
  • New User – This is to create New-User’s account. Here one can create his own Id by simply filling this form. One can Login as “Admin”, “Agent”, Supervisor”.
  • Maintenance Schedule - This is to maintain the scheduling, from this, any events or activity in any sub-division can be noted-down.


The sub-menu comes under this menu are as follows:-

  • Agent Console - This is for known as Agent Console, from this form agent makes the entry for the consumer’s complaint. First the agent search for that particular consumer in the database to search whether the consumer has made any call before or not. At the same time if a new call is being made then it can be saved in the database, and corresponding to that complaint a new complaint number is generated automatically. If a consumer has already made a call earlier also then by double-clicking on it the address, sub-division, and code can be viewed from this.
  • Supervisor Console – This help in view the Supervisor list who attended the complaints of the consumers. The supervisor can save the complaint as can close the complaint.
  • Center Head Console - This screen is for Center Head Console.
  • Sdo Code Wise - Sub divisional office code wise helps in view all the complaints from any date to some other date by selecting the status of the complaints and no. of complaints to some specific consumer.


The sub-menus are as follows:-

  • Call Center Summary Report.
  • Daily Reports
    • Sub-Division Wise
    • Call Traffic
    • Logging of Operators
    • Complaints not dispatched within 5 minutes
    • Consumer confirmation call
    • Call Attended after three rings
    • Call Center Phone Busy
    • Call held more than 10 seconds
    • Complaints summary (Nature Wise)
    • Call Log
  • Monthly Report Sub-Division
    • Wise Call Traffic
    • Complaints Recorded more than 3 times
  • Complaint Report (SDO Code)
  • Complaint Summary (Date Wise)
  • Last Escalation Complaint Summary Report (Date Wise)
  • User Wise Complaint