Library Management System

Library Management System is an application refer to other library system and it is suitable to use by small and medium size library. It is use by librarian and library admin to manage the library using a computerized system. The system was developed and designed to help librarian record every book transaction so that the problem such as file missing or record missing will not happened again.

Barcode reader is equipped in this system so that users can enjoy the convenience without need to key in the barcode of the book themselves. It is convenience and time saving as the users can direct scan in the book’s barcode id when the members borrows few books in one time.

Book and member maintenance module also included in Library Management System. Users can register or edit the member or book in the system. With this computerized maintenance, library will not lost the book record or member record which always happen when no computerized system bring used.

In addition, report module is also included in Library Management System. If user’s position is Admin, the user is able to view different kind of report. First type of report are rental and return report, user can check the rental, return transaction which happen on particular day. Besides that, user can check the Top10 books which borrow by the member in a day, month or year based on category. Moreover, activity log report also provided by system so that admin can check what process has been carried out such as register new book, edit member information as well as login, logout information.

When user lost the book, user can use Lost Book Module to register the lost book and receive the fine which is double price of that book.

All these modules are able to help librarian to manage the library more convenience and efficiency compare to those library without computerized system.

Aims and Objectives

  • To eliminate the paper-work in library
  • To record every transaction in computerized system so that problem such as record file missing won’t happen again
  • To implement Barcodes, SMS technologies into the system
  • To design a user friendly graphical user interface which suit the users
  • To complete the system according to project schedule
  • To produce technical report that documents the phases, tasks and deliverables in the project

Modules of Library Management System

In this project scope will carried out what modules were contains inside the Library Management System. Library Management System, it is divided into online web site and CRM library system.

Library system

  • Authorization and Authentication Module
  • Member Maintenance Module
  • Book Maintenance Module
    • Publisher Maintenance Module
    • Employee Maintenance Module
    • Book Transaction Module
    • Report Module

Library Web Site

  • Authorization and Authentication Module
  • Member/Staff Maintenance Module1
  • Search Module
  • News Maintenance Module
  • Book Maintenance Module
  • E-mail Module
  • Report Module
  • Comment Module

Strengths Library Management System

  • System response is fast after user press a button to perform some actions.
  • User interface is considered user friendly and ease of use.
  • Validation has been done to avoid some functional error in later time.
  • Some listview control has been included to allow user view the history or some important data without print out the report.
  • Some important data is generated automatically such as Member ID, and member registration date to minimize user input error.
  • Search features are included in several modules to ease user so that they can filter the data easily.
  • Allow user to generate bar code of the book without using additional bar code generator software.
  • Allow user to keep track member renting history.
  • Member card can be generated by using the system.
  • No additional/unnecessary steps required to perform the task.
  • Allow user to keep track the lost book.
  • Barcode Scanner is required in this Library System to reduce manual process.
  • System is able to check the book whether is under reservation or not.

We create the system which contains the library management basic function and the library system can be used by any library especially those not yet implement the computerized system. In this case, we are not able to ask about the user requirement from the end user. Thus, we seek the library system requirement from internet and ask the opinion from supervisor and friends.